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    Want to be voice notified when email is arrival?

    Then tap into the power of MailSpeaker! Without turning on any email client, such as, MS Outlook, MailSpeaker automatically and simultaneously checks, retrieves, notifies, and reads email messages upon arrival (supports multiple email accounts).

    Inbound Call Center

    Every single call routed in our Inbound Call center is handled by a highly trained.

    Data Entry Services

    Align with customer needs and provides versatile team extension with high efficiency

    Outbound Call Center

    Equipped with all the latest tools to make successful marketing calls service.

    Main Benefits

    • Checks your unlimited multiple email accounts
    • Instantly notifies, and reads new emails when detected
    • Instantly alerts you when mailbox reaches it's storage limit
    • Reads your email messages, text files, and clipboard
    • You can save and play WAV files
    • You can customize anti-spam list, approved & blocked senders lists
    Only $24.95 | 6.4MB file

    What's new?

    MailSpeaker v2.01 has fixed bugs, improved the performances and enhanced the product GUI.

    The bundle of MailSpeaker V2.01 + All2POP V1.80   checks, notifies, and reads email from either POP3 or web based email accounts upon arrival. 

    Try MailSpeaker and All2POP today, and find out how they save your time and make checking email simpler, easier, faster, and a lot more fun.

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      We Have The Best Experts To Elevate Your Business.

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